Sign-up Agreement

This agreement is made between (hereafter called "Company") and the accommodation provider (hereafter called "Provider").

The parties hereto agree as follows:

  1. Company agrees
    - To provide Information Technology services to Provider such that Providerís product may be advertised and booked through the Companyís on-line booking services.
    - To debit the customerís credit card for a deposit amount upon booking and the credit card details will be made available (through secure online access) to Provider so that the balance due for the first night may be deducted in the event of a no-show/late cancellation fee, in accordance with Provider's terms displayed on the website.
    -To promote Partner's product on its websites and through affiliates of Company.
  2. Provider agrees
    - That Company has NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever to third party customers (hereafter called "User") for the making of bookings through the Companyís on-line booking services.
    - To indemnify Company in respect of loss and damage arising from any User claims and to solve all disputes that may arise without Company intermediation.
    - To keep all information valid and current in Providerís online administration interface, including contact details, rooms, prices and availability.
    - To take full responsibility in case of Partner is not able to honour bookings made through Companyís website and: a) to find an equivalent (or superior) product for User without recourse to Company and at no extra charges for User or b) in case User should not be satisfied with the alternative product, Partner will return the sum equivalent to the deposit and booking fees spent online to User within 3 working days.
  3. During the duration of this agreement
    - Provider must honor bookings made through Companyís website;
    - Provider must ensure that all bookings taken by Company's website are processed correctly;
    - Company retains a non-refundable 10% deposit, at the time of booking and for all online bookings the balance due will be paid by the customer to Provider upon check in;
    - Provider only charges the customer the balance due upon arrival. The balance being the difference between the full price quoted on the website and the deposit retained by Company;
    - Provider must not provide any personal information (such as credit card numbers) to anyone except for purpose of the first night no-show charge described in this agreement;
    - Once the credit card number has been sent to Provider, It is Provider's responsibility to keep it safe and far from hacking or whatsoever unlawful use of it;
    - Provider hereby grants Company (and any affiliates of Company) a royalty-free license to use the content provided by Provider.
    - Provider agrees to indemnify and hold Company and any affiliates of Company harmless in respect of any claim by any third party arising from the use of any content by Company or any affiliates of Company.
    - Company reserves the right to inspect Provider's property at any time;
  4. Termination of the Agreement
    - Either party may terminate the agreement upon providing a three months prior written notice;
    - Any outstanding booking must be honored by Provider;
    - Provider will refrain from using any software provided by Company upon termination;


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